Bounty Poker Tournament in Midtown

No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament.

Bounty poker tournament is a feature poker tournament that rewards a player for eliminating another player. In a Bounty poker tournament, a percentage of the prize pool will be taken to put a bounty on the heads of players. The payout structure remains the same, but extra value is found since you receive a cash prize for every elimination for knock out other players.

Bounty Tournament

Bounty poker tournament Details:

  • Total Entry Fee: $140. (Registration Fee: $20 + $20 bounty + $100 in prize money).
  • Dealer work for Tips: $10 (optional)

RSVP Mandatory

  • Confirmation is required.
  • Players will be asked to show text message or email before entering.


  • 7000 chip starting stack.
  • 15 min blind levels.
    • Blind Levels