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partypoker Million Sochi Begins

For the next week, Russia takes live poker’s center stage with partypoker Million Sochi already underway at the recently-opened Sochi Casino and Resort. The schedule features the partypoker Million Main Event with a mouth-watering $1 million guaranteed prize pool and $200,000 for first place. In addition, players can enjoy 15 different side events suitable for low and higher stakes players alike across a variety of poker variants and tournament types. During the festival, there will also be nonstop cash games across many poker variants and limits. The partypoker Million Sochi Main Event is a deepstacked affair with players starting...

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Hand Review: A Disguised Straight on the Turn

Covering live poker tournaments for a living affords me the opportunity to see countless thousands of hands played out, many of which offer interesting and potentially valuable insights into how players — both amateurs and professionals — play the game. In this ongoing series, I’ll highlight hands I’ve seen at the tournaments I’ve covered and see if we can glean anything useful from them. The Scene After a few weeks off, it’s right back to the same tournament we looked at last time, the $550 RunGood Horseshoe Council Bluffs Main Event. Like last time, this hand occurred on Day...

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Four Major Challenges To Ace at Global Poker

Global Poker offers multiple challenges, both daily and weekly, but what many U.S. poker players don’t know is that most of them are a done deal. If U.S. players are playing with any sort of consistency, they can flop their way into multiple freerolls. Surely this is madness, falling in line with Global Poker’s March Madness series. Global Poker runs two challenges that reset daily, but unlock freerolls in the process: the Daily Gold Coins Challenge and the Daily Purchase Challenge. The first resets at 9 p.m. EST and the second resets at 10 p.m. EST. The Gold Coins...

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Deciding When to Attack Cash Game Limpers

You’re in a low-stakes cash game, one full of passive players many of whom are on the loose side. A hand arises in which you’re in the cutoff, and three players limp in ahead of you. You look down at {A-Hearts}{J-Hearts}. What’s your play? I know, I know… it depends. What do I know about those three players who’ve limped? Who is on the button, and who is in the blinds? What are the stack sizes? What’s my image to this point? You’re a thinking player, and so you’re asking all the right questions before jumping in with a...

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Inside Gaming: Smoking Ban Hurting Harrah’s New Orleans Revenue, Says Caesars

In this week’s installment of Inside Gaming, Caesars thinks the New Orleans smoking ban has negatively affected revenue at the Harrah’s property, Forbes profiles a friend of Donald Trump and speculates about the president’s interest in investing in a new Vegas casino, and the Golden Nugget’s owner is glad Michigan’s NCAA run is finally over. Caesars Links Smoking Ban to Revenue Decrease at Harrah’s New Orleans Two years ago in this space we reported on the New Orleans City Council having voted unanimously in favor of instituting a smoking ban in the city’s bars, restaurants and other establishments, including...

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