Counting Points and Royalties
Hello all, and welcome to the second part of my own little open-face Chinese poker guide! Last week we ended on the value of scooping and the royalties coming along with it. Today let’s talk more about how much those royalties are worth, as they are such an important part of the game.

In Chinese poker, when you fail to respect the order of the lines and foul your hand, you not only have to pay 6 points to your opponent for all three lines and the scoop, but you will also have to pay them for any royalties they might have made in that hand. Needless to say, fouling can really hurt your stack!

Another subtlety of the game worth mentioning with regard to scoring is that when we both have the same hand, one of us wins the line but we both can pick up royalties if we’ve earned them. Let’s say we both have a flush in the back, and I win the line with my ace-high flush over your king-high flush. I get that point, but we will both get 4 points in royalties for the flush in the back, no matter how high it is or who wins the line.

Once you’ve understood the general rules for OFC, the first step that you have to take to start mastering this game is to know all the applicable royalties on all the lines by heart.

For the top line of three cards, the royalties start with a pair of sixes for 1 point, then a pair of sevens is 2 points, a pair of eights is 3 points and so on until you reach trip aces for 22 points. Royalties for the middle line start with 2 points for three of a kind and increase from there, while royalties for the bottom line start with 2 points for a straight and go up as the hands get stronger. Read Full

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