David Peters, winner of the 2016 Card Player POY race, appeared on SportsCenter late last month to recap his amazing run of tournament results.

During the last calendar year, Peters was able to accumulate more than $7 million in earnings, thanks to five wins and more than 20 final tables. German poker pro Fedor Holz held a commanding lead in the POY race throughout the summer, but Peters was able to go on a run to pass Holz with less than two weeks left in 2016. It was one of the most well-timed heaters in poker history.

“I was just very focused,” Peters said in his SportsCenter interview. “I was playing really well, lot of big tournaments. Fedor Holz had one of the best years ever, and I was able to string together a few wins and pass him in one of the last tournaments of the year.”

When asked why he chose to play poker for a living, Peters said: “I knew I had a knack for it, I knew I loved the game.” The 29-year-old found the game during the poker boom.

The six-minute segment featured a hand of poker between anchors Stan Verrett and Neil Everett. The latter called a river bet with queen-high, and Verrett turned over just one of his cards to show a straight. Peters didn’t tell them that it takes two cards to win.

Peters had to answer the infamous question that was more or less, “But how much did you lose?” According to Verrett, Peters “may have lost $7 million on the way up.”

The Toledo native deflected the question, pointing out that “poker is different than other games in that it’s a skill game and you can have an edge.”