Remembering Cards in Seven-Card Stud

It is highly useful in seven-card stud to be able to recall the cards that have been folded. This is true for two reasons chiefly.

By knowing the cards that have been folded, the astute and thoughtful player will be better able to know the likelihood of the as-of-yet unseen cards that remain to be dealt. Secondly, by combining the cards the player has seen with a knowledge of the cards that have been folded, along with the betting of the other players, that player will better be able to assess the cards that are held by his opponents.

There exist a few among us who are possessed with the innate ability to recall all cards exactly as they were dealt. If you are one of those savants, possessing such perfect, photographic memory, then read no further. You do not need to improve on the skill you already possess. But for everyone else — read on.

Card memory is, for the vast majority of us, a skill to be learned, if not completely mastered. The key, I have found, is to narrow and organize that which we are trying to remember. Read More