888 Rides Again w/ Maria Ho, Mercier, Tsoukernik on Board

In his first few spins as a substitute Uber drivehe enjoyed the company of Doug PolkKara Scott and Justin Bonomo.

This time around he gets finger-fed by Maria Ho, assists Natasha Mercier in giving birth and meets Leon Tsoukernik‘s toddlers.

Never a dull moment in the 888poker Ride.

Maria Ho Craves Chicken Fingers

Tuchman meets Maria at the beginning of a Main Event dinner break and offers to take her wherever she wants for some nibbles.

Turns out Maria’s secret pleasure is chicken fingers.

On a more serious note Maria reflects on how the game has become way too serious and that it’s not the point of poker to become the optimal GTO player.

Much more, it’s about playing a great game with an element of luck involved while also having the chance to actually make money.

What other hobby can do that for you? Maria’s go-to karaoke song – which, if you’ve been to the PokerListings Battle of Malta, you might be familiar with – also makes an appearance.

Natasha Mercier Gives Birth

It’s nice to give Natasha Mercier a ride to the Rio. It’s also nice to hear that she learned poker from her grandmother. These are family connections like they should be.

It’s funny how the phrase “Jason won the flip” doesn’t refer to cards this time but to the sex of their child. It’s less funny, though, to hear “we have a problem” from a pregnant woman sitting in your car while you’re cruising down the highway.

But David is “always prepared” and in what’s now the funniest episode of 888Ride Tuchman ends up with a baby in his car while Mercier can’t be kept from playing the Main Event.

Tsoukernik’s 1st Family Comes First

Leon Tsoukernik is one of the most interesting characters in the poker industry. Before he turned the King’s Casino from a poker room in the middle of nowhere into the most successful casino in Europe he enjoyed an education as an opera singer.

Tuchman picks him up at his ‘humble’ little apartment on Aria’s 58th floor where he’s staying his wife and two small kids.


“This is my first family,’ says Tsoukernik before they jump into the 888Ride to take him to his second ‘poker’ family. If you’ve ever wondered what a man who’s achieved what Tsoukernik has achieved still aspires to, watch this.

888poker ChampionChips Micro Series Begins July 23

While the Main Event nears its climax and completion check out the 888poker lobby for the next big online series about to begin.

888poker’s Micro ChampionChips Series starts on July 23 with 18 events to choose from starting at $1 to play.

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