888poker Kicks Off Upcoming Flopomania with $100k Jackpot

888poker is giving its players a little more incentive to try out its action-packed Flopomania poker variant with a series and a $100k jackpot.

Poker sites around the world are putting significant resources into developing new games these days but 888poker seems to have hit on something with the Flopomania variant that eschews the first round of betting in No-Limit Hold’em so that everyone gets a peak at the flop.

It’s not the first time that 888poker has contributed something new to the poker world as the site introduced Poker Cam tournaments where players could actually see each other through webcams and BLAST tournaments with a time limit twist.

The game will go live soon and we’ll give you a quick rundown of how it works and what kind of prizes will up for grabs in the coming weeks.

What is Flopomania?

Flopomania is a No-Limit Texas Hold’em without the first betting round. There is no pre-flop action. Every player gets two cards and then the flop is dealt before anybody can act.

Everybody has to pay an ante to get cards in the first place. When the flop is dealt, action commences as you know it from regular Hold’em.

The idea behind this is to bring more speed and action into the game to make it fast and exciting.

How Will Flopomania Differ From Hold’em?

888poker’s new game Flopomania is probably going to have a deeper effect than just speeding up the game. The following factors will become important if you want to play the new game.

Speed – Yes, as the first betting round gets skipped, it will be much faster getting to the flop. However, instead of two or three players, everybody goes to the flop, which will prolong the flop action.

Pot size – With everybody putting an ante in, the pot is significantly larger than usual, which will have an impact on how players should continue.

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Beyond NLHE – Flopomania introduces elements of both Stud and Draw poker into NLHE. The fact that everybody has to bring in an ante is clearly a Stud feature. Depending on the flop action, players might be getting the odds to continue with a hand they would usually fold.

You’ll be looking at five cards instead of two, which is essentially the starting point in 5-Card Draw poker. But instead of drawing you’ll be able to add more cards to your hand and improve the top five.

This will greatly diminish the value of pocket pairs and particularly big pocket pairs. Two aces are always way ahead of any two other cards (except the other two aces), but pocket aces plus three random cards will be much less of a favorite compared to the aforementioned three plus two further random cards.

The takeaway is that you’ll generally need better hands to win as everybody starts with five cards instead of two making potentially way better “starting hands” than just a pair.

The Flopomania Promotion

To get the game rolling there will be a promotion on 888poker that includes scratch cards, daily challenges and a $100,000 jackpot.

To win the jackpot – or anything – you need 888poker’s virtual scratch cards. You can get a scratch card by depositing a minimum $10 with the Promotion code FLOPOMANIA10.

However, you can win more scratch cards by completing the daily challenges offered to you in the 888poker lobby.

For every completed challenge you’ll get another scratch card and you can win a maximum of three per day. The number of tickets you have will pop up once you open the lobby.

Scratch the cards and you win a prize. There are no blanks. You can win tickets to the Flopomania promotion tournaments which run twice a day and have a $3000 guaranteed prize pool or you can win cash prizes starting at $1 and going all the way up to $100,000!

The promotion starts on Sunday, August 20, and will run until September 7.

The new Flopomania game is supposed to celebrate its live debut at the next 888poker festival at the Aspers Casino in London.

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