Alex Foxen Wins $25k LHPO High Roller

The Foxen family has kicked off 2024 on a high note, with both Kristen Foxen and, more recently, Alex Foxen securing victories in tournaments to usher in the new year.

In the recent Lucky Hearts Poker Open (LHPO) at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, Alex emerged triumphant in a $25,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em high roller event held on Friday. His victory earned the two-time GPI Player of the Year a substantial prize of $426,025. Notably, this achievement followed closely on the heels of Kristen’s win at a PokerGO Tour event in Las Vegas just three days prior.

Kristen Foxen’s success extended beyond Las Vegas, as she made a deep run in South Florida, securing a fourth-place finish and a prize of $117,325. Meanwhile, Alex Foxen claimed the fifth spot, earning $40,000 in the same PGT event mentioned earlier.

The high roller tournament, part of the 2024 Lucky Hearts Poker Open series, drew in 50 participants, including several top-notch professionals. Among them was Kevin Rabichow, who dominated with a significant chip lead at the end of Day 1 when only five players remained. However, Rabichow couldn’t maintain his lead at the final table and ultimately settled for second place, taking home $284,050.

LHPO $25k High Roller Final Table Results

1Alex Foxen$426,075
2Kevin Rabichow$284,050
3Thomas Boivin$172,900
4Kristen Foxen$117,325
5Justin Saliba$80,275

Starting the final table with less than 30 big blinds, Alex Foxen managed to secure an early victory in a race against Justin Saliba, doubling up and leaving Saliba with minimal chips. Foxen then officially eliminated Saliba, securing a fifth-place finish and a prize of $80,275 shortly thereafter.

Despite Foxen’s successful double-up, Rabichow maintained a strong grip on the final table, extending his chip lead to over 170 big blinds. Rabichow further solidified his dominance by sending Kristen Foxen packing in fourth place, as her trip kings collided with kings-full.

As one of the world’s top online poker players, Rabichow continued his impressive run by eliminating Thomas Boivin in third place, who received $172,900. This set the stage for a heads-up showdown between Rabichow and Alex Foxen.

In the early stages of the match, Foxen made a bold move with an all-in bet that went unanswered on a board showing J♥ 9♣ 6♥ 10♦ J♠. The game remained highly competitive. Shortly thereafter, Foxen went all in again, holding JX JX on a board displaying A♣ A♥ 7♥ 4♣ 9♥. After careful consideration, Rabichow decided to call with Q♥ J♣ and was subsequently eliminated in second place, earning $284,050.

For the Foxen family, this marked their second family title of the year, adding to a total of eight combined final table appearances. The victorious couple celebrated by posing for a winners photo with their dog Riley on his 17th birthday.

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