Blind Date Costs Beth Shak $15,000

American poker pro Beth Shak’s blind date with a New York attorney ended up costing her $15,000  – and the losses could potentially go up ninefold if the court decides against her. Here’s the story of the rendezvous going horribly awry.

The 48-old Shak has spent over a decade in professional poker: she’s a former Full Tilt Red Pro, has a second place finish in the $3K NLHE tournament from the 2007 WSOP, and cashed in the 2008 EPT Main Event. She’s also made appearances on mainstream television shows like Good Morning America and The View; she has her own handbag collection and recently released her custom poker chip set.

As for her personal life, she married Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal in June 2016 in Las Vegas – a short-lived marriage that ended with the divorce papers being filed in April 2017.

On November 20th, 2017 Shak was set up for a blind date with New York-based attorney Mark Jay Krumby a mutual acquaintance of theirs. The supposedly romantic encounter took place at a Cheesecake Factory in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Over the course of the date, Krum convinced Shak to file a suit against her ex-husband and hire him as the attorney to do so. She wrote him a nonrefundable check for $10K, and gave an additional $5K to him to hire his law school friend on a retainer contract who at the time resided at the other end of the country, in Los Angeles.

However, since the divorce proceedings went amicably with Leventhal according to Shak, she decided not to pursue the civil suit for damages. Upon learning that, on January 9th this year Krum sent a $135,000 invoice to her for his supposed 150 hours of work on her case. Evidently, Shak wasn’t pleased, she declared she is not willing to pay him his $900 hourly fee for almost four full-time work week for a suit that was ultimately never filed and in turn she’s suing Kurm in the Manhattan Federal Court, trying to legally nullify the over $100K bill.

Shak’s suit contains many accusations against Kurm, claiming that the lawyer became “belligerent and attempted to coerce her” to sue her ex-husband during the date; also, Shak claims she paid the $15,000 to Krum under the assumption the she will not have to pay any additional fees unless the case is won. Mark Krum is denying all charges.

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