Brandon Eisen Wins 2018 SHRPO Championship for $771,444

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $5,250 Championship, wrapped up Tuesday night in Florida, and Brandon Eisen crowned as the winner. The tournament drew a massive field of 914 entries and Brandon Eisen accumulated $771,444 and also the going along with guitar choice prize for outliving his fellow rivals.

Eisen entered into the final day as the chip leader, and while he did not maintain his lead throughout the day, he fought fiercely for the title. Action on Tuesday started with the nine final tablist returning to the host venue, Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood. Eisen was leading the pack with 7.33 million, good for 92 big blinds. Stoyan Obreshkov was the player standing closest to him in the chip counts chart at the time with 6.54 million (82 big blinds).

It did not take long before a first victim fell as Obreshkov quickly eliminated Marcos Exterkotter in ninth place for $77,132. Action at the final table developed pretty quickly from that point on and it was just after 61 hands of play that the heads-up duel between Eisen and Jeremy Ausmus was set.

Final Table Action

The two-handed suit, in fact, lasted more than the prelude to it. That is, if it took 61 hands for the battle to be set, it took another 84 hands for Eisen and Ausmus to battle it out to a champion. Heads-up kicked off with the eventual winner holding a considerable chip lead over his final opponent. Eisen had 23 million at that point to Ausmus’ 13 million. Both players were quite deep in play with more than 100 big blinds each.

And the two of them running so deep provided for a lengthy heads-up that saw multiple twists and turns. The chip lead exchanged its holder several times. Despite his initial disadvantage, Ausmus managed to get hold of the majority of chips in play some 23 hands after the start of heads-up. The player won a massive pot worth 18.9 million by flopping a full house. After that key hand was played, Ausmus was holding 23.55 million to Eisen’s 13.05 million.

It then took a while before Eisen was able to regain control over most of the chips in play. An important hand saw Eisen emerge as the chip leader with more than 30 million and Ausmus drop to just under 6 million. The latter might have lost his advantage, but he did not give up for another hour.

On what turned out to be the final hand in play, Eisen shoved from the button with [Qd][Jd] to see Ausmus call after several moments of thought. Ausmus held [Ks][5h] on that final hand. The board ran out [Qs][Jc][6s][Kc][9d]. Flopping a two pair, Eisen took down the event and sent his opponent to the rail. Ausmus collected $540,459 for his efforts.

As mentioned above, the Championship event drew 914 entrants, who generated a prize pool of $4,432,900, thus crashing the $3 million. Coming into the final day of play, each of the nine hopefuls was guaranteed a min-cash of $77,132.

Official Final Table Results

1Brandon Eisen$771,444
2Jeremy Ausmus$540,459
3Stoyan Obreshkov$349,889
4Ryan D’Angelo$258,615
5Adam Adler$195,491
6Ido Ashkenazi$156,215
7Jared Griener$129,308
8Joseph Cheong$102,843
9Marcos Exterkotter$77,132

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