Fleischmann tries tanking his way to the bank, but bubbles instead

They’re in the money! Everyone except Fabian Fleischmann that is.

With the bubble just a few spots away, we began to notice that one table in particular had a floor person behind the dealer on what seemed like every hand. It turned out that was because the clock was being called on Fleischmann every hand, as he nursed the shortest of short stacks.

He was unable to tank his way into the money though, as he found himself in the big blind with just 4,000 behind – meaning that with the blinds at 3,000/6,000/1,000, he was going to be forced all in on the next hand anyway.

Before that hand played out, we lost Claus Carstensen on the soft bubble. After Kevin Kohler made it 15,000 in the hijack, Carstensen called off his 15,000 stack and everyone else folded. Kohler had the K♦J♠, while Carstensen had a big hand to double with – the Q♥Q♣.

Alas, a king on the T♣4♥K♣ flop put Kohler in front, and Carstensen was unable to catch up on the 5♣ turn or 4♠ river.

That brought us to the stone bubble, and all eyes were back on Fleischmann. Action folded to the big stack of Johannes Schulze and he moved all in, putting those ahead of him at risk. Team Pro Marcin Horecki folded his small blind, and after some thinking Fleischmann decided he would take a shot at doubling up here, instead of being forced all in the next hand when he was to be in the small blind.

After all other hands on the surrounding tables had finished, the hands were revealed:

Fleischmann – J♦8♥
Schulze – K♠6♠

Those two monster hands went to battle on the 9♥3♦Q♦ flop, which kept Fleischmann behind. The turn came the Q♣. Still nothing.

Finally, the 6♦ hit the river, and Fleischmann quickly sat down back in his chair, almost like he thought he’d won it. It certainly made us all double check the board to see if we’d missed any sneaky flushes coming in, but nope; Fleischmann was simply taking his seat for one last time before graciously wishing everyone good luck.

He was the last person to leave with nothing, meaning all of the 79 players still in are guaranteed €1,870.

Let the bust outs commence! For live updates, head over to our friends at PokerNews.

Source : www.pokerstarsblog.com

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