Grand Central Poker Game (Closed)

Dear New York City Poker Player,

Home Game.  Grand Central.

  • Opens at 7pm.  Closes after breakfast.
  • Professional dealer.  Manager on Duty.  Waitress.
  • Food and beverages available.
  • Patio for outdoor smoking.

DESCRIPTION: One poker table dedicated to providing low stakes no limit holdem in NYC.  We have added a professional touch to the home game experience.  Our staff is dedicated to running a clean, friendly, and low-key cash game.


  • $1/$1 and $1/$2 no limit holdem.
  • Minimum is $80.  Maximum is $400 for both games.
  • Straddles vary from 2x – 5x the big blind.
  • Two hour minimum play time.
  • RSVP recommended.


  • A bonus is like a coupon, if you don’t say anything about your bonus/coupon…
  • Daily $25 aces cracked.
  • Weekly $100 high hand.
  • Monthly $500 bad beat jackpot.
  • RSVP: 5% up to $20.
  • 3buy: 5% up to $20.
  • Buddy: 5% up to $20.
  • BONUS REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 3 hours session.

This card room offers low stakes poker for a diverse group of nlhe players, who vary greatly in skill level and personality.  All are welcome.  RSVPing is good, cause you might not get a seat at the poker table.

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