Jack Hardcastle Wins World Poker Tour Montreal Online Main Event

The Globe Casino Poker Tour Montreal Online $3,200 buy-in centerpiece featured a $2,000,000 warranty. A total amount of 888 entries were made during both beginning trips, developing a final reward swimming pool of $2,664,000 that was paid out among the top 133 finishers. The lion’s share of that cash eventually went to the United Kingdom’s Jack Hardcastle, who emerged successful with his very first WPT major trip title and also the leading prize of $447,859.

This is the biggest recorded rating of Hardcastle’s career, vanquishing the $130,000 he took home as the seventh-place finisher in the 2020 MANY MILLIONS UK $10,300 buy-in centerpiece. He likewise removed the WPT UK ‘Opener’ $550 buy-in occasion back in the autumn of 2019 for one more $100,000.

The last table was set in this occasion after 3 days of action, with American high-stakes gambler Dan Shak sitting atop the leaderboard. Three-time World Series of Online poker arm band victor Upeshka De Silva was the first to be removed. He obtained all-in with A-K offsuit as well as was called by the AClub SuitKClub Suit of Rayan Chamas. The board brought 3 clubs to provide his opponent a flush and also De Silva struck the online rail with $37,024. This was yet one more ruthless surface for De Silva in a significant occasion, after having been disqualified from the 2020 WSOP centerpiece ‘Domestic Event’ after examining positive for COVID-19 the day prior to he was set to play at the last table.

Marcel Kunze was the alongside fall, with his A-J encountering the A-K of Andrei Kriazhev. He took home $46,685 as the eighth-place finisher. Jakob Miegel’s run in this occasion involved an end at the hands of Hardcastle. Miegel obtained the last of his stack in with ADiamond Suit3Diamond Fit and Hardcastle called with AHeart SuitKHeart Suit. Neither player boosted by the river and Hardcastle’s superior high cards sufficed to take down the pot. Miegel was granted $58,650 for his seventh-place proving.

Hardcastle protected his 2nd knockout of the day by getting pocket kings after Charles Chattha had pushed with K-Q fit. The big set stood up and also Chattha was eliminated in sixth location ($ 74,119).

Shak found a lucky runout after being on the wrong side of a preflop colder to set up the following bustout. He got all-in with ASpade SuitKSpade Suit against the AHeart SuitADiamond Fit of Kriazhev. The board brought three spades to provide Shak the flush and also the pot. Kriazhev was left on fumes and removed soon after in 5th place. He gained $95,672 for his deep run.

The following huge pot saw Felix Schulze call all-in on a JDiamond Suit10Spade Suit5Club Fit flop in a three-bet pot with AClub SuitJClub Suit and was ahead of Chamas’ KClub Suit10Club Suit. The 4Diamond Fit on the turn maintained Schulze ahead, however the KDiamond Fit on the river provided Chamas a winning two pair to send Schulze packing in fourth location ($ 139,164).

With that said Chamas edged out Hardcastle to take a slight introduce three-handed play. Hardcastle reclaimed the leading place quickly by picking off a multi-street bluff from Shak, though. The American was left brief and also was soon all-in, requiring his event life with KClub SuitJSpade Fit from the huge blind. The AClub Suit5Club Fit of Hardcastle enhanced to a pair of fives by the river, which sufficed to eliminate Shak in third area ($ 212,459).

Hardcastle took virtually a 2:1 chip introduce heads-up bet Chamas, who managed to mount an early return initiative. Hardcastle restored his lead by the time the last hand was dealt, though. Chamas min-raised from the small blind with JClub Suit3Spade Fit as well as Hardcastle called holding 9Heart Suit8Heart Match. The flop came down ADiamond Suit9Club Suit7Spade Match and also Hardcastle check-called a bet of 3,396,600. The turn brought the KSpade Fit and Hardcastle again check-called, this time to the tune of 5,520,871. The 8Diamond Suit on the river motivated yet one more check from Hardcastle. Chamas had simply jack high for showdown value, and also less than a pot-sized bet left in his pile. He moved all-in for 20,797,515 and also Hardcastle made the call with his rivered two set to protect the pot as well as the title. Chamas earned $308,703 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

1Jack Hardcastle$447,859
2Rayan Chamas$308,703
3Dan Shak$212,459
4Felix Schulze$139,164
5Andrei Kriazhev$95,673
6Charles Chattha$74,119
7Jakob Miegel$58,650
8Marcel Kunze$46,685
9Upeshka De Silva$37,024

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