Macau Casino Dealer Arrested For Stealing $6 Million In Gambling Chips

Casino robberies are always brazen crimes, but few can rival a recent incident in the world’s largest gambling hub.

A dealer in one of Macau’s high-roller rooms was arrested last week for allegedly stealing about $6.1 million in casino chips (HKD48 million). According to the Macau Daily Times, the city’s Judiciary Police said that they have arrested a 49-year-old dealer in the VIP room at Wynn Macau. Authorities also took the man’s uncle into custody.

The dealer allegedly told a co-worker to turn a blind eye to the high-stakes heist. Police said that while he was working he took all of the chips off his gaming table and fled the casino on a motorcycle. Police later recovered the vehicle, along with his discarded employee uniform.

Authorities were only able to recover a fraction of the chips when apprehending the two suspects, the report said. Police allege that the dealer admitted to the crime, saying that he had gambling-related debt. He refused to tell police where the rest of the chips were stashed away. The man’s uncle has denied involvement in the robbery.

Both are Macau residents, and police are still figuring out if others were involved.

The chips are said to be in high denominations, but they are unmarked, the report said.

The high-profile robbery came just a couple of weeks after Macau officials announced that the local casino industry had a long-awaited winning year.

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