Mad Bluff Chipleader vs Pair-Aces “ElkY” Grospellier in Monte-Carlo 2017

Being the chipleader in a tournament is great. You can put so much pressure on everyone else and you threaten everyone with their immediate bust-out at all times. It’s particularly fun on the bubble.

But watch out! If you make a careless move at the wrong time, you might have to pay more than you win. In the video above you’ll see how ElkY profits from an aggressive blunder by Hossein Ensan.

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It’s the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo and there are 55 players left, all of whom have made the money. Ensan is the leader of the pack and no doubt has his eyes on the €500,000 winner’s check.


Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier – who’s just had a nose job – comes in for a raise from the button. Romanian player Pertea calls from the small blind and now Ensan decides to 3-bet from the big blind.

It makes sense to 3-bet here as he’s the chipleader and a button-raise doesn’t mean very much. But ElkY doesn’t like to get pushed around and 4-bets. Then, all of a sudden, things go crazy.

Ensan quickly announces all-in, Elky snap-calls and Ensan snap-cringes. He does so for a good reason. Ensan lost half his stack in this hand and finished in 32nd place while Elky almost made it to the final table and finished in 12th place.


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