Man Loses Bluff, Tries To Take Back Bet

It’s difficult to place exactly what is known as  “angles” in the game of poker in regards to egregiousness, yet this in a Los Angeles cash game recently is certainly amongst the most awful ever before taped.

At the Bicycle Casino, poker player named “Armenian Mike” wager $10,300 on the river right into a $900 pot with simply ace-high and also a set on the board, and also he was promptly called by professional poker player Ryan Feldman with a full house. Mike after that aimed to take his wager back and also declared his wager was a joke. Chaos then ensued.

Have a look at the hand, recorded by the poker pro that had not been being in the game, however, watched the hand on the “Live at the Bike” stream. Allow us to understand exactly what you assume in the comments section.

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