NYC Poker Clubs: Play Poker in New York

New York City Poker Tour is the most prominent poker room in New york city. Whether you are a new casino poker player or an online poker pro, we offer something different for you. The unique poker forum makes us so special that enables players of all levels to enjoy the game of poker in an environment that is safe, fun and competitive. Our poker room is located in Midtown Manhattan, next to Penn Station, which allows for easy public transportation. There is no better deal in town!

We offers No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, weekly poker tournament and more. Our poker rooms in New York host the most common Texas Hold’em games Which include 1/3 NLH, 1/2 NLH, 2/5 NLH, 1/3, 1/2 & 2/5 Pot Limit Omaha

Ready to play NLH poker in New York? You can enjoy some unique features:

  • Professional poker dealers
  • Security for your safety
  • Multiple large flat screen TVs
  • Cell phone charging station and free Wi-Fi
  • Snacks and treats
  • Separate room for smoking
  • Sports, UFC & Boxing PPV event showings
  • Friendly females are ready to relieve any stress with a massage and more!

Customer Care:

We love hearing from poker players! Whether you’re asking a question, reporting a problem or making a suggestion. Text to the 24 hours poker hotline (347) 471 1813

How to Join the Poker game?

Play your favorite poker games when you’re in New York City. We’ll give you 10% free buy-in bonus in the form of chips for signing up! Text:”TOUR” to (347) 471 1813 to RSVP & Address with full name, email & occupation.

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