Poker Tournaments

As I have expressed, I absolutely love live action cash games as they satisfy my inner degenerate much quicker than tournaments do. I love the instant gratification of it all! I love the do or die, then if you die, you just rebuy mentality. However, I love the big cash prizes that you can win at tournaments. Especially large casino tourneys, and televised ones even more so because there in lies the big bucks. A couple of great upcoming events are the WPT DeepStack Reno Summer event at the Atlantis Casino and Resort in Reno, Nevada, and the other which is more accessible to us in the tri-state area is the WPT Borgata Poker Open in the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For those of you who have the patience, skill and drive to enter and attend these events — Good Luck! For the rest of my instant pleasure (or pain) seekers, attend any of the reviewed NYC clubs on this website.

WPT Tournament: Atlantis – Reno, NV
Dates: August 18-29
DeepStacks Reno Summer:

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WPT Tournament: Borgata – Atlantic City, NJ
Dates: September 18 – 23
Borgata Poker Open:

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