Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu Cuts Seven-Figure Deficit Almost In Half With Biggest Win Of Challenge Against Doug Polk

Simply a couple days after losing virtually $300,000 in his $200-$ 400 heads-up no-limit hold ’em grudge match versus Doug Polk, placing him in a seven-figure opening, Daniel Negreanu cut the total deficiency by virtually 40% and had the largest winning session of the whole difficulty.

On Friday afternoon, both pros contested in their 31st session of the obstacle as well as Negreanu dominated the suit. They played their lengthiest session of the difficulty, battling for greater than four hrs with Negreanu winning $390,032 over 1,042 hands.

With 18,924 of the 25,000-hand obstacle completed, Polk is still holding a $612,563 lead over Negreanu. Prior to Friday’s landslide success for the six-time World Collection of Casino poker bracelet victor, Polk held the document for a lot of cash won in a session with $332,000 in their 12th session.

After Polk’s enormous victory last Wednesday, Negreanu remained in a substantial opening as well as had time running out on him. In his post-game meeting on the GGPoker YouTube network, Negreanu claimed that the $1 million opening he was in triggered him to play much different than normal.

“I guess the way I’ll describe it is like this,” said Negreanu. “You got two choices. Lay down like a p***y. Alright, you lost. Match is f***ing over. Let’s play some small pots and just try and play properly and all that shit. Or you can go balls to the wall and play like a complete jackass. Which is exactly how I felt like I played today. Absolutely horrifyingly… I won’t even let my guys see the shit that I was doing today.”
He clarified on his statement and clarified that he simply intended to boost the difference and play bigger pots. Negreanu claimed that he was bluffing far more usually than normal and also was differing what a solver would certainly say is an optimum decision.

“[I have to] be willing to give away EV and play hands sub-optimally in order to increase variance so that it gives me a better chance to win the match,” said Negreanu. “I was a monkey just going click-click with buttons today.”

While Negreanu was self-deprecating in his own assessment of the method he played Friday, there was at the very least one high-stakes pro that liked the moves he was making.

On Doug Polk’s YouTube network, Dan Smith was doing commentary on the match as well as matched Negreanu on his play. Smith is fifth on online poker’s all-time cash listing and also has actually won $36.7 million in live tournaments alone.

Negreanu’s virtually 10-buyin score was the biggest of the obstacle thus far, yet according to Polk, this is a swing that needs to’ve been anticipated.

“I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen to me in this challenge,” said Polk in his own post-match interview. “But early on when I talked about variance in heads-up and what can happen in a session, I said it a bunch of times. It happens that people win or lose 10 buyins in a session. I feel that because it hadn’t happened yet this challenge, it feels like it wasn’t really possible.”
While Negreanu is clearly riding momentum heading right into the 3 sessions scheduled for today, he’s not also near out of the woods yet. He is still stuck about 15 buyins with 6,076 hands continuing to be in the challenge.

“Going forward now, we are going to have to see how far behind I am and see if I can afford to play like not a jackass,” said Negreanu.
He made use of a football example to explain his play on Friday, saying that he was tossing a Hailstorm Mary to attempt and come back within striking distance. His team as well as trainers may inform him to abandon the method he was using. Actually, Negreanu claimed that he was getting messages that were advising him to stop. Yet if he does maintain the hyper-aggressive style, the Toronto indigenous believes these swings might come to be the standard, provided Polk’s design of play.

“We had so many sessions where he won a buyin, I won half a buyin,” said Negreanu. “If I play like a jackass and he just plays like he plays… 10 buyin swings are going to happen. He’s not a guy that is trying to nit it up and play careful.”

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