Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu Wins $117K Off Doug Polk During Live Portion Of Heads-Up Grudge Match

The very first 200 hands of the highly prepared for heads-up grudge match in between Doug Polk and also Daniel Negreanu didn’t appear like much of an animosity suit in any way. It resembled a friendly house game in between two long time close friends.

The suit itself, which played the very first 200 of the 25,000-hand challenge live at the Aria Wednesday evening, was uneventful the majority of the suit, with neither gamer swinging up or down far more than a buy-in.

During the last 30 hands of the match, nonetheless, a well-timed three-way barrel bluff by Negreanu and also a couple of badly timed river bluffs from Polk resulted in Negreanu winning $117,000 on the night. The final 24,800 hands will be played on, which will start suit today at 2:30 pm PT.

However the primary takeaway from lots of online poker pros on social media sites was that it was stunning exactly how friendly the two were to each other.
There were a lot of others that echoed a comparable belief. Polk as well as Negreanu turned up, were extremely friendly with one another, and also had positive discussion throughout the suit. All that occurred in spite of an extremely adversarial history both on social networks and in online events.

During both the 2017 Globe Series of Poker One Decline as well as at the 2018 Super Money Player Bowl, Polk donned a tee with the phrase “Even more Rake is Much better” published on the front. The shirt was a needle at the after that PokerStars-sponsored Negreanu, that protected the website’s rake boost at the time.

Throughout both of those tournaments, the two were seated at the same table as well as there was visible abhorrence for each other. There had actually been a similar background on social networks where both would certainly take shots at one another on Twitter as well as utilize their YouTube channels to trade blows also.

This time around was various. They sat down and simply played texas hold’em without any dispute with Negreanu winding up on the top by the end of the night.
Negreanu went out to an early lead in the $200-$400 no-limit hold ’em match, up concerning $30,000, yet Polk rounded off his pile two times and also evened out the match, even taking a minor lead. On the 170th hand of the suit, Negreanu elevated the switch with KClub Suit9Heart Fit and Polk three-bet with ASpade SuitQDiamond Suit.

Negreanu placed in a four-bet to $9,600 as well as fired all 3 roads culminating in a $34,000 river push on a JSpade Suit10Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit6Heart Suit4Club Match runout. Polk folded up as well as Negreanu moved right into the lead forever.

Two bluffs from Polk obtained snapped off, which cemented his six-figure hole. On the 193rd hand of the suit, Polk raised the switch with QDiamond SuitJDiamond Fit and also Negreanu three-bet 10Club Suit6Club Match from the huge blind.

Negreanu flopped journeys on a KClub Suit6Heart Suit6Spade Suit flop as well as bet $1,600. Negreanu check-called a $7,600 bet on the 8d turn and also check-called a virtually $44,000 river push on the 2Heart Match river.

Analyst Ali Nejad called it a “problem surface” for Doug Polk, that hopped on social networks after the match and also claimed he saw even more people trying to bank on him to win.

“I go on reddit/2+2 and all the posts are how owned I got and then I go on twitter and all the posts I see are people trying to bet more money on me lol,” tweeted Polk.

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