Poker Pros Daniel Negreanu And Doug Polk Agree To Start Heads-Up Grudge Match Nov. 1

Doug Polk and also Daniel Negreanu will certainly begin their very expected heads-up animosity match Nov. 1.

Polk angrily tweeted at Negreanu Thursday afternoon in an initiative to prod him into picking a beginning date for the heads-up no-limit hold ’em fight.

Negreanu replied to the tweet, stating that he had actually spoken to PokerGO’s Mori Eskandari and also Brent Hanks which he understood Polk had actually been in touch with them too. Negreanu tossed out Nov. 1 as a start day and Polk concurred.
It became a seven-tweet thread where they restated the details of the match and realized what details still needed to be ironed out.

The pair will play two tables of $200-$400 heads-up no-limit hold ’em online. They will certainly begin with 100-big blind stacks that will immediately cover approximately the max as soon as a player drops listed below the threshold.

The two will play a 25,000-hand suit with a choice for the shedding player to give up after 12,500. At the same halfway mark, if both gamers concur, they can elevate the risks.

Negreanu said that he would accept a two-hour minimum session length and also agreed to Polk’s “evaluation request” to make certain that neither gamer was making use of real-time assistance such as solvers or equity calculators.

Negreanu also said that he is okay with the match being streamed as well as observed by high-stakes professional Kane Kalas, yet that he would certainly not be showing his cards.

Polk’s only opinion was that he wants to play greater than two hrs per day, pointing out concerns that it would drag out the suit for 100 days. Negreanu stated he was hoping to play 4-5 days each week, amounting to concerning 20 hrs.
If the two can find out which platform will stream the suit and which on-line texas hold’em website will certainly hold it before the end of the month, the duo could likely end their historical feud prior to Xmas.

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