PokerStars Casino makes nine millionaires in 2017

We’re used to describing the large sums players are winning in poker tournaments and cash games – there’s quite a lot being pocketed in the Bahamas right now – but we don’t often share the big wins from PokerStars Casino. Well, let me tell you NINE players became millionaires on slot machines in 2017. Yes, nine.

That startling figure was a record for one of the world’s fastest growing online casinos. Seven of those players bagged seven-figure sums from PokerStars Casino in-house developed slot games Millionaires Island and Stars Mega Spin, which paid out a total of more than $10.3 million in jackpots. The largest paid out to date is more than $2.5 million.

“PokerStars Casino grew from strength to strength in 2017,” said Bo Wänghammar, managing director of PokerStars Casino. “The launch of two exclusive, in-house developed $1 million guaranteed jackpot slots games in one year alongside the launch of over 150 new games has created what we believe to be a very strong offering and a truly unique online gaming experience for our customers.”

Three million-dollar jackpots were won in December alone, starting with beckskr on December 10, who struck the $1.8 million jackpot playing Arcade Bomb. After wagering just $0.50 on Millionaires Island, Ukrainian player aHare75 hit gold on December 26 and won $2,510,318.95 – the largest jackpot amount ever won at PokerStars Casino.

Then on December 30 PokerStars Casino’s newest in-house developed slot Stars Mega Spin awarded its first jackpot, paying out more than $1.4 million to one lucky player.

Millionaires Island lived up to its name by making six out of the nine millionaires in 2017, the most out of any slot game at PokerStars Casino last year. Here’s the lucky line-up:

January 26, Millionaires Island, $1,517,303.08
February 22, Millionaires Island, $1,410,720.04
February 24, Genie Jackpots, $1,368,821.28
July 7, Millionaires Island, $2,439,369.27
July 27, Millionaires Island, $1,348,812.57
November 4, Millionaires Island, $1,517,256.34
December 10, Arcade Bomb, $1,879,437.02
December 26, Millionaires Island, $2,510,318.95
December 30, Stars Mega Spin, $1,409,566.38

So if you have a few minutes to spare from playing at the poker tables, you may want to give PokerStars Casino a spin.

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