SCOOP 2018: D PitcherAK aces third SCOOP this week with victory in Event #49-H ($1,050 NL)

D PitcherAK is running so hot in SCOOP, he could defrost Han Solo from frozen carbonite in mere seconds. Let’s not bury the lede here. D PitcherAK won SCOOP Event #49-H for a score worth nearly $198K, which marked his third SCOOP win over the previous eight days. In that span, D PitcherAK banked approximately $300K in cash with 2 wins in Medium events and one High win. On May 12, D PitcherAK won Event #18-M for approximately $52K plus nearly $25K in bounties. Only two days earlier, D PitcherAK shipped Event #41-M $215 HORSE for a score worth $18.8K.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” Charles Dickens kicked off his renown novel A Tale of Two Cities, which convinced me that Dickens was secretly a poker player who witnessed the dark side to risking your entire tournament life on pocket Kings.

The final table in SCOOP Event #49-H was the sordid tale of Doomed Pocket Kings. D PitcherAK busted pocket Kings twice during short-handed action to put himself in a position to win a another SCOOP. When you’re hot, you’re hot! D PitcherAK won a decisive pot with a cooler when his pocket Aces held up against Kings. He was behind the second time he faced a showdown with Kings. In that instance, D PitcherAK played the role of the villain and he snapped off pocket cowboys with Ace-Queen to trim the final table to three players. With three equal stacks left in the hunt, D PitcherAK went to work and before no time, he secured the lead. With two remaining, D PitcherAK only needed 17 hands of heads-up play to knock Finland’s Timonpoika out in second place.

1,267 runners
$1,267,000 prize pool
$197,847.42 first place

2018 SCOOP Event #49-H $1,050 NL permitted up to 5 re-entries. A grand total of 1,267 entries were booked for Event #49-H with 808 original runners plus an additional 495 re-entries. This $1 million guaranteed prize pool attracted enough runners to push the overall pool over $1,267,000. Only the top 161 places paid out with $197,847.42 initially set aside for the champion.

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Day 1 ended with only 77 players remained and Norway’s fityfmi in the lead with a big stack worth nearly 5M. OLD TIME GIN bagged up the second most chips overall at the end of Day 1. OLD TIME GIN was in the middle of some old-fashioned run good with a win this week in Event #37-H. Both of the big stacks were cursed and neither advanced to the final table fityfmi busted in 23rd place and OLD TIME GIN bubbled off the final table in tenth place.

SCOOP Event #49-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: D PitcherAK (11,545,872)
Seat 2: DBerglin (7,652,186)
Seat 3: TiltzPhil (39,674,153)
Seat 4: bustoville (9,051,140)
Seat 5: Killer_ooooo (5,517,378)
Seat 6: Timonpoika (17,169,561)
Seat 7: mr.salgado30 (7,648,592)
Seat 8: alexxt7 (19,700,710)
Seat 9: BetForNympho (87,404,08)

The final table commenced during Level 36 with blinds at 150K/300K and 37.5K ante. TiltzPhil led with approximately 40M. DBerglin and bustoville previously won SCOOPs, but both would have to wait other day to win another title.


Two players busted in consecutive hands to kick off the fireworks at the final table. Short-stacked BetForNympho made a final stand with A♠J♣ and D PitcherAK accepted the challenge with A♣K♥. Neither player improved, but PitcherAK won the had with Ace-high and a King kicker. BetForNympho was out in ninth. On the very next hand, short-stacked DBerglin from Sweden got picked off by TiltzPhil in eighth place.

Meanwhile, a classic race ended up costing alexxt7 their tournament life. TiltzPhil’s 6♥6♣ held up against alexxt7’s A♠J♣. alexxt7 turned a Broadway straight draw, but whiffed on the river. TiltzPhil knocked alexxt7 out in seventh place.


Killer_ooooo had K♠K♦ snapped off by D PitcherAK’s A♣Q♥. D PitcherAK flopped an Ace and that’s all she wrote. The board ran out A♠4♦4♠T♥8♦. PitcherAK won the pot and Killer_ooooo hit the road in sixth place.

Call this one the “Dunzoville Cooler” because pocket cowboys lost again! Heck of a cooler. Aces vs. Kings. All-in preflop. Nothing you can do about it. bustoville ran K♦K♣ into D PitcherAK’s A♦A♠. Aces held up and bustoville went busto in fifth place, which paid out $54,953.84.


Short-stacked mr.salgado30 failed to double up with Q♦T♣ against TiltzPhil’s A♥4♥. TiltzPhil flopped top pair and won the pot with pocket Aces. A pair of Queens were no good for the Brazilian, who earned $75,697.42 for fourth place. With three left in the hunt, TiltzPhil led with 46M and TiltzPhil was the shorty with 37M. During the early stages of three-handed play, D PitcherAK won a pot worth $80M to take a substantial lead.


Short-stacked TiltzPhil shoved for 9.3M with A♦8♣ and Timonpoika called with T♦T♣. TiltzPhil flopped a gutshot draw, but never improved. Pocket tens held up on a final board of 7♦5♣4♦Q♠5♠. For a third-place finish, TiltzPhil took home $104,270.93.

HEADS-UP: D PitcherAK (Canada) vs. Timonpoika (Finland) 
Seat 1: D PitcherAK (74,805,506)
Seat 6: Timonpoika (51,894,494)

D PitcherAK held the heads-up edge. This bout between Canada and Finland would only last 17 hands.


Timonpoika couldn’t get anything going during the first dozen or so hands and D PitcherAK slowly padded the lead to a 3-1 advantage.

Timonpoika made a heroic final stand with A♠Q♥, but it went unimproved against D PitcherAK’s K♦J♠. D PitcherAK hit the flop with a pair of Jacks, which held up. Timonpoika turned a Wheel gutshot draw, but never got the trey on the river. D PitcherAK won the pot with a pair of Jacks and Timonpoika was dunzo in second. Timonpoika earned a runner-up payout worth $143,630.16.

Congrats to D PitcherAK for winning SCOOP Event #49-H. First place paid out $197,847.42.

SCOOP-49-H ($1,050 NLHE) results
Total entries: 1,267 (808 entries; 495 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,267,000
Places paid: 161

  1. D PitcherAK (Canada) $197,847.42
  2. Timonpoika (Finland) $143,630.16
  3. TiltzPhil (Canada) $104,270.93
  4. mr.salgado30 (Brazil) $75,697.42
  5. bustoville (Finland) $54,953.84
  6. Killer_ooooo (Cyprus) $39,894.66
  7. alexxt7 (Romania) $28,962.22
  8. DBerglin (Sweden) $21,025.61
  9. BetForNympho (United Kingdom) $15,263.92

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