Scott Sanders Wins Harveys Lake Tahoe Main Event

The 30-year-old from San Jose, California Scott Sanders, a.k.a. “The Hamburger Man,” is the newest World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event Champion. He navigated through three days of tournament poker at Harveys Lake Tahoe, overcoming an area of 442 participants in Event #10: $1,700 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event.

The masterpiece was really Sanders’ second of the series. Prior to ending up being Main Event Champion, Sanders initially captured the title by beating 332 participants in Event #8. In Between his Monster Stack payout ($ 25,201) and also six-figure cash advance generally ($ 147,314), Sanders banked almost $175,000 in WSOP incomes throughout the Harveys Lake Tahoe Circuit. At particular factors, a deep run in the appeared not likely for Sanders. In a rather insane circumstance, Sanders lived to see an additional hand when his Main Event life probably been snuffed out.

“I actually made a mistake to where I should have been out of the tournament,” Sanders explained. At one point during Day 2, Sanders sat with 13 big blinds and accidentally shoved out of turn, bypassing Michael Hubbards’ action.

A Tournament Director came to his table as well as ruled that if Hubbard made a decision to limp, Sanders all-in wager would certainly need to stand, however, if Hubbard increased after that Sanders would certainly have the alternative to fold. Hubbard did increase, and also Sanders chose to fold up. Another gamer behind awakened with pocket queens, a hand that would certainly have sent out Sanders packaging.

“So, basically, I made a mistake that should have busted me in 36th place,” said Sanders.

This was not the situation. Destiny maintained Sanders active as well as from there he started to climb up the chip matters. At some point, Sanders made it all the means to the end of Day 2, an accomplishment just 3 various other gamers achieved. It was a piled last 4 entering into Day 3 of the trademark event. Sanders was up versus the similarity Stephen Tune, a young weapon that won his initial ring early in the collection, two-time gold ring victor, Nick Pupillo, as well as three-time gold ring champion, Brett Murray.

“Yeah, just trying to play the best I could against tough opponents,” Sanders responded when asked how he was taking on the final four stage. “They all play really well so I felt outnumbered, but I felt like just make the right decision and just go with it.”

Murray and also Pupillo were each pursuing their 2nd Main Event title. Song and Sanders were both in opinion for the Casino Championship. Song wound up putting fourth ($ 49,392), Murray headed out in third ($ 66,521), and also Pupillo dropped simply except one more substantial Circuit win, completing as the runner-up ($ 91,036). Sanders is a constant gamer, mainly online, however, does not declare to play poker for a living. The California kids’ main gig is serving up delicious burgers at In-N-Out, a task that he is visibly happy to be a component of. Sanders is headed straight residence due to the fact that he functions at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow early morning.

With a pair good fortunes in his pocket, Sanders will certainly be wanting to play a little bit extra, and also perhaps take a trip to events more frequently. Poker is a game that holds a unique location in Sanders’ heart.

“I definitely want to continue to play and help grow the game, for sure. I got into poker from breaking my hip and being disabled. It really changed my life and my outlook on everything,” Sanders divulged “It stimulated my brain and gave me something to fight for when I couldn’t walk for a few months.”

“So, that’s why I want to spread the game,” he continued. “Because it has a lot of great things in it that people don’t understand what it could do to your mind to stimulate it and just make you feel positive and just have something to compete for even if you feel like you have nothing.”

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