VIDEO: Upswing Poker’s Doug Polk On Being Smart About Losing Sessions

Want to get better at poker? Looking to go pro playing no-limit hold’em or just tired of losing in your local home game?

Who better to learn from then three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and high-stakes cash game regular Doug Polk.

Polk has teamed up with fellow bracelet winner Ryan Fee to offer the Upswing Poker Lab

The Upswing Poker Lab is a poker training course taught by Polk and Fee that is updated regularly with in-depth learning modules, theory videos, and a wealth of information to make you a better poker player.

Upswing Poker has partnered with Card Player to bring you some exclusive poker strategy content. In this video, Polk discusses how to be smart about losing sessions.

Upswing Poker’s Doug Polk

“We’ve all been there. You sit down and are bringing your A game, but your kings lose to aces or your set isn’t the best set. Or, more realistically, your top pair loses to a flush draw,” says Polk to kick off the video. “These things happen and when they compound you can be losing big in a session pretty quickly. But here is the important thing to think about when these things happen, and they will happen. That is a guarantee. When this is happening to you, remember that each hand is an individual moment.”

“Don’t think about it in terms of sessions,” continues Polk. “Think about it in terms of individual hands. This will help alleviate some of that psychological pressure to book wins.”

Polk then goes on to discuss how you can self-assess during a session, saying you should run through a checklist.

“At the start of every orbit, before you post your big blind, ask yourself just briefly: Do I feel that I am still playing my A game? Do I feel I am still looking for reads on my opponents? Do I feel that I have played well so far? Is my mind in a healthy state? Am I upset, am I tilted? If you feel that you don’t wanna play or aren’t in the right mindset, then take a breather.”

Check out the full video at the top of the story for more of Polk’s advice on being smart when approaching a losing session of poker, which includes some unique circumstances like when you are taking a shot at a bigger game, what to do when you are playing a tournament and more.

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