WATCH: Doug Polk Makes Incredible Fold Against Phil Hellmuth On High Stakes Poker

We are hardly into 2021, yet Doug Polk made what could conveniently be the most effective fold of the year against Phil Hellmuth on the most current episode of High Risks Online Poker on PokerGO.

The no-limit hold ’em game was seven-handed with blinds of $200-$ 400 and also Phil Hellmuth increased to $1,100 from the hijack with QSpade Suit10Heart Suit. James Bord gotten in touch with the switch with 2Spade Suit2Heart Match as well as Doug Polk defended his huge blind with 10Diamond Suit7Club Fit.

The flop was JSpade Suit9Spade Suit8Heart Match as well as activity inspected to Bord, that bet $2,000. Polk check-raised to 7,000 as well as Hellmuth moved all in for $97,200. Bord rapidly folded up and Polk entered into the storage tank for numerous mins. He ultimately began speaking.

“This is insane,” said Polk. “It’s just such a monster raise. Phil, what do you got over there? I’m considering making a very big laydown. A very, very big laydown.”
Hellmuth continued to be silent for some time prior to ultimately responding to Polk.

“I could easily have…”

“What could you easily have?” said Polk. “You just bet a lot into very little.”

“I could have a set,” said Hellmuth.

“Could you have a set?” asked Polk. “I don’t think you’d have a set here.”

“I could have the blockers,” said Hellmuth. “Two 10’s.”

“I think I’m either dead… and I think I’m dead a lot, given this,” said Polk. “Or you just have a ton of equity against me.”

Polk at some point revealed his hand and after that tossed it right into the muck. Hellmuth mucked his hand, regardless of others at the table begging with him to show so they might resolve side bets at the table.

Now that the hole cards are public knowledge, both Polk and Hellmuth took to social media sites to deal with the hand. Polk called the laydown his “favorite fold” in his online poker career.

Hellmuth gave Polk props also, claiming that everyone else would’ve shed an extra $90,000.

The program returned for a 8th period last December with PokerGO’s reboot of the money game series. Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza, who held a lot of the initial seven periods on Video game Show Network, were revived as analysts for this period. All of the activity is being recorded at the PokerGO’s workshop at the Aria on the Las Vegas Strip.

The layer by Polk was almost identical to one made by another high-stakes cash money video game phenom, Garrett Adelstein, in October 2019 on Live At The Bike! Adelstein transformed the 2nd nuts with 10Spade Suit7Club Fit when a high-stakes routine referred to as Andy transformed the nuts with QDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit.

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