WATCH: Largest Pot In Live At The Bike! History

Live at the Bike! recently ran a $100-$100-$200 cash game with a $200 big blind ante and a mandatory $400 under-the-gun straddle. Predictably, the game format created a lot of action.

It also happened to generate the largest pot in the history of the live-streamed cash game when two regulars on the show clashed over a pot worth $439,000.

The game featured World Poker Tour champion Art Papazyan, last year’s World Series of Pokermain event champion John Cynn, high-stakes poker pro Dan Zack, and successful businessman and high-stakes poker player Bill Klein.

The infamous hand started out as a three-way pot between a player who goes by ‘Andy,’ Garrett Adelstein, and a player named ‘Jacky,’ but it quickly turned into a heads-up confrontation between Andy and Jacky.

Andy flopped top pair against Jacky’s middle set. Andy turned trips, which gave Jacky a full house and they committed $55,000 to the pot. On the river, Jacky made quads, which gave Andy top full house on a double-paired board. Andy got his last $164,000 into the middle and Jacky scooped the pot.

You can watch the entire hand below:

Poker pro Bart Hanson provided commentary for the game. A day after the game was over, Hanson tweeted that based on the turn action, Andy should be checking back the river since no better hands could call his bet.

Live at the Bike! games are known for resulting in crazy swings. Earlier this year, one regular was able to take $50 and turn it into a $10,000 stack.

Live at the Bike! is a live, web-streamed poker game that takes place at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. Daily streams of the action are free to watch on their site Monday-Friday starting at 6 pm PT.


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