WCOOP 2017: flauschi16 flies to first in Event #9-H ($530 NLHE, Half-Price Super Tuesday)

The Super Tuesday — PokerStars’ weekly $1,050 buy-in tournament that routinely attracts poker’s best and brightest — has been drawing 350-400 players of late, which translates to $350K-$400K prize pools and first prizes in the $60K-$70K range.

This week PokerStars hung the Super Tuesday name on one of yesterday’s WCOOP events, slashing the buy-in to $530 and calling it the “Half-Price Super Tuesday.” Such a bargain attracted a huge field, more than sixfold a typical Super Tuesday turnout as there were 2,679 entries all told, making an enormous $1,352,895 prize pool (beating the $1M guarantee).

After two long days of hard fought play Austria’s flauschi16 emerged with all the chips, enjoying a Super Wednesday ending with a hefty $197,977.83 boost to the bankroll for the first-place showing.

After a day of play the field had been carved down to 101 players, with Paul “pauL€FauL” Höfer the chip leader to begin Day 2.

Hofer remained on top for a while Wednesday, then slid to fall in 22nd place ($5,048.05). After three-and-a-half hours just 18 were left, with flauschi16 having pushed way out in front with more than 28.7 million — more than twice the nearest challenger at that point.

TheZQ (18th) went out soon thereafter, also earning $5,048.05. XluptatorulX (17th), Perfect1232 (16th), 777ATI (15th), and Justin “birddy420” Ouimette (14th) followed, picking up $6,234.14 apiece. Then PolecatRider (13th), Jimbodinho19 (12th), 25raider25 (11th), and Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois (10th) were successively eliminated, each cashing for $8,749.57.

With slarki1 the new chip leader with nearly 33 million and GadMO and flauschi16 also sporting big stacks, the final table was underway.

Seat 1: polleblues (Greenland) — 4,509,553
Seat 2: GadMO (Costa Rica) — 25,407,813
Seat 3: slarki1 (Canada) — 32,906,165
Seat 4: flauschi16 (Austria) — 24,683,264
Seat 5: (p/r)okSerj (Russia) — 4,893,894
Seat 6: Pendos90 (Russia) — 11,752,358
Seat 7: cringeguy (Philippines) — 4,220,658
Seat 8: Danya Kop (Russia) — 5,671,109
Seat 9: AJFC6819 (United Kingdom) — 19,905,186

Representing Greenland, polleblues was one of the short stacks among the final nine, and on the very first final table hand open-shoved from the small blind for about 4.5 million (18 big blinds) with A♦K♠.

Alas for polleblues, slarki1 was waiting in the BB with K♦K♣, and after a queen-high board brought no improvement to Big Slick, polleblues was swiftly out in ninth.

A short while later two knockouts came in close succession, with (p/r)okSerj the first to go in eighth. That hand began with a slarki1 open from middle position, a (p/r)okSerj small blind shove for almost 19 BBs, and slarki1 calling with A♣Q♠ versus (p/r)okSerj’s A♠J♠. A jack came on the river, but a queen came on the flop to ensure slarki1’s hand was best.

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Just four hands later, flauschi16 raised from under the gun, cringeguy pushed for not quite 12 BBs from middle position, and flauschi16 called. They were racing as flauschi16 had 7♣7♥and cringeguy A♥K♥, but a jack-high runout without a single heart on the board ended cringeguy’s run in seventh.

Despite several near-knockouts, it would take almost exactly two hours for the next elimination to come. The hand started with a cutoff min-raise by slarki1, then Pendos90 three-bet jammed for just over 10 BBs from the blinds and slarki1 called. Pendos90 had K♠Q♣ and slarki1 5♦5♠, and the 6♦3♣7♠9♣T♣ board kept the small pair in front, sending Pendos90 railward in sixth.

It would only be 15 minutes after that for the next to fall when Danya Kop was eliminated in fifth. After Danya Kop raised all in preflop with A♦8♦ and was reraise-isolated by AJFC6819 who had T♠T♣, the board came 8♠4♦4♥9♠6♥ to give Danya Kop the worse two-pair hand and reduce the field to four.

They’d push onward into the day’s ninth hour of play, with flauschi16 enjoying the chip lead ahead of the other three all roughly even in chips. Then came a hand in which AJFC6819 raised from UTG, flauschi16 three-bet from the bit blind, then AJFC6819 jammed for nearly 29 million (almost 29 BBs total) and flauschi16 called.

AJFC6819 was making a stand with 9♣9♥, but flauschi16 had picked up K♦K♥, and five cards later — 2♥T♣A♥J♠Q♣ — flauschi16 had added to the lead while AJFC6819 exited in fourth.

About 10 minutes after that slarki1 open-raised all in from the button for about 16 BBs with 5♣5♠ and GadMO called from the big blind with A♥Q♥. The flop fell 9♦Q♦8♦, pairing GadMO’s queen, and after the 3♠ turn and 8♣ river slarki1 was done in third.

flauschi16 still led to start heads-up play with about 74.3 million to GadMO’s almost 59.6 million. Then flauschi16 won six of the first seven hands between them to push up over 96 million while GadMO fell under 38 million. That’s when the following hand took place.

The blinds were 600K/1.2M, and GadMO opened for 2.46 million from the button. flauschi16 called, and the pair saw a flop come 7♦3♠A♦. flauschi16 checked, GadMO bet 1,409,400, and flauschi16 called. The 5♥ turn encouraged similar action, with flauschi16 check-calling a bet of 6,970,264 this time.

The river brought the 6♠ and one more check from flauschi16, and this time GadMO fired all in with the 26,310,424 behind. flauschi16 called, showing A♠T♦ for a pair of aces, and that was good enough as GadMO had but Q♥6♥ for sixes. The last of the chips went flauschi16’s way, and after 10-and-a-half hours of Day 2 poker a winner had at last been determined.

Congratulations to flauschi16 for topping a big, tough field in this discounted, two-day version of the Super Tuesday to win a WCOOP title and nearly $200K.

WCOOP-09-H: $530 NLHE (Half-Price Super Tuesday)
Entries: 2,679 (2,108 entries, 571 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,352,895
Places paid: 323

  1. flauschi16 (Austria) $197,977.83
  2. GadMO (Costa Rica) $139,990.26
  3. slarki1 (Canada) $98,988.08
  4. AJFC6819 (United Kingdom) $69,995.13
  5. Danya Kop (Russia) $49,494.04
  6. Pendos90 (Russia) $34,997.63
  7. cringeguy (Philippines) $24,747.15
  8. (p/r)okSerj (Russia) $17,498.88
  9. polleblues (Greenland) $12,373.57

Content Credits: www.pokerstarsblog.com

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