WCOOP 2017: Oh what a beautiful buzz, nsmirnov wins Event #32-H ($530 6-Max)

“Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal,” said Jean-Paul Sartre. In every poker tournament, only one person wins, while the rest of the field fends off existentialist dread. The top pharmaceutical companies in the world could not develop a happy pill that could equate to the tsunami of endorphins released the moment you ship an online poker tournament. Only the champion can experience pure jubilation with their first-place finish frozen in perpetuity. In today’s pursuit of eternal WCOOP glory, nsmirnov from Russia overcame a heads-up deficit to win WCOOP Event #32-H.

2017 WCOOP Event #32-H $530 NL 6-Max attracted 731 runners. The total prize pool exceeded the quarter mil guarantee with $365,500 overall. The top 95 places got a cut of the prize pool with $62,040.83 set aside to the eventual champ.

Day 1 ended with 32 players and Germany’s Her087 bagged up the biggest stack with 2.5M. On Day 2 with 24 players to go, level times were bumped from 15 to 20 minutes. The final four tables got an extra five minutes per level for the remainder of the tournament.

With 18 remaining on the final three tables, the pack chased Vchama’s big stack worth 4.2M. With 14 to go, Vchama chipped up to 8M, or twice as much as second place. With 10 to go, Vchama slipped to second and MoshiMoshi84 rocketed to the top of the pack. Those two battled for the top spot with 7.2M each. With nine left in the mix, Vchama passed the 10M mark and regained the lead.

Action went hand-for-hand with eight to go, DanielLucky was not-so-lucky and bubbled off the final table in eighth place after shoving with A♥K♦, but running into nsmirnov’s A♦A♣. The 6-max final table of seven players was set.

WCOOP-32-H Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: chicobolinho (4,481,328)
Seat 2: MoshiMoshi84 (4,203,922)
Seat 3: LUFCBas (2,181,837)
Seat 4: Kelvin_FP:AR (5,132,455)
Seat 5: teruliro (2,165,287)
Seat 6: nsmirnov (7,697,412)
Seat 7: Vchama (10,687,759)

The final table commenced during Level 36 with blinds at 50K/100K and a 12.5K ante. Vchama from Canada led with 10.6M, while teruliro and LUFCBas were the shorties with 2.1M each.

This final table included one player seeking a second career WCOOP — teruliro — who won a WCOOP in 2016. He amassed over $2M in career tournament earnings on PokerStars alone. The final table also featured a pair of SCOOP winners. Kelvin ‘Kelvin_FP:AR’ Kerber won a SCOOP in 2015. LUFCBas won a SCOOP back in 2010 and shipped the Sunday Warm-Up couple years ago.

EQUILIBRIUM: teruliro eliminated in 7th place

Six hands. That’s how long it took before someone flipped for their tournament life at the final table. teruliro four-bet shoved with A♦Q♠ for 1,810,287 and Vchama called with 9♥9♦. Classic race. Pocket nines held up when the board ran out 6♣3♠3♣T♣2♠. teruliro busted in seventh place, whcih paid out $8,549.30.

CRAZY SOMETIMES: MoshiMoshi84 eliminated in 6th place

On the flop of 9♥4♥4♣, chicobolinho 3-bet shoved for 3,822,328, and MoshiMoshi84 called all-in for 2,418,081. chicobolinho led with 8♠4♠ and trip fours against MoshiMoshi84’s two pair and J♦9♠. The turn was the T♥ and the river was the 3♠. Neither helped MoshiMoshi84. chicobolinho’s trips held up to win the pot. MoshiMoshi84 busted in sixth place, which paid out $10,736.30.

With six remaining, nsmirnov led with 12.6M and Kelvin_FP:AR was the shorty with 3.2M.

WHIRLWIND: Kelvin_FP:AR eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed didn’t last long before someone bowed out. chicobolinho min-raised 280,000, Kelvin_FP:AR bombed it all-in for 2,611,700 with K♥3♥, and chicobolinho snap-called with A♥T♠. The board ran out A♦4♣2♥4♠8♣. Kelvin_FP:AR flopped a Wheel gutshot draw, but never got there. chicobolinho won the pot with Aces up. Kelvin_FP:AR was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $15,248.18.

With four to go, nsmirnov held a slight edge with 12.1M. Vchama was second with 11M and chicobolinho third with 10.2M, which made LUFCBas the shorty with 3.1M.

PENDULUM: LUFCBas eliminated in 4th place

LUFCBas had Q♦Q♣ crushed after losing a race against Vchama’s Big Slick. An ace on the flop sealed the deal and LUFCBas was left with less than 355K. LUFCBas busted two hands later after failing to double up with A♦T♥ against nsmirnov’s A♥J♥. LUFCBas lost to two pair. Fourth place was worth $21,656.20.

With three left in the hunt, Vchama led with 15.6M, followed by nsmirnov’s 14.4M, and chicobolinho’s 6.4M.

STEALING JAMAICA: chicobolinho eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed didn’t last long either. A small stack tried to double thru a biggie, but it didn’t work out that way. Vchama four-bet to 3,000,000, and short-stacked chicobolinho called all-in for 1,638,209. Vchama led with A♦5♣ against chicobolinho’s K♥Q♥. The baord ran out K♦4♥2♣J♣3♥. chicobolinho flopped top pair, but Vchama rivered the Wheel to win the pot. chicobolinho was knocked out in third place, which paid out $30,757.19.

HEADS-UP: nsmirnov (Russia) vs. Vchama (Canada)
Seat 6: nsmirnov (12,601,208)
Seat 7: Vchama (23,948,792)

With two to go, Vchama had nearly twice as many chips as nsmirnov. nsmirnov won the first four hands of heads up and leapfrogged into the lead. On the third hand, nsmirnov flopped a straight and got paid off in a 9.2M pot. nsmirnov led 21.2M to 15.3M. Vchama was unable to launch a successful counterattack and could not stop nsmirnov from an inevitable, antifogmatic victory.

LET’S GO: Vchama eliminated in 2nd place; nsmirnov wins Event #32-H!

nsmirnov turned a full house with T♠T♣ to win a 7.2M pot. nsmirnov chipped up to 35.8M and Vchama was on the ropes with 666K. nsmirnovonly needed two more hands to deliver the fatal blow.

Vchama attempted to double up a second time in a row to stave off elimination. Vchama made a final stand with A♠8♠ and moved all-in for 1,286,910. nsmirnov called with A♦2♣. Vchama led on the flop and turn and even picked up an open-ended straight draw. However, the 2♠spiked on the river and nsmirnov won the pot with a pair of deuces. Vchama was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up finish, Vchama earned $43,682.87.

Congrats to Russia’s nsmirnov for winning WCOOP Event #32-H.. First place paid out $62,040.83.

WCOOP-32-H: $530 NLHE [6-Max]
Entries: 731
Prize pool: $365,500
Places paid: 95

  1. nsmirnov (Russia) $62,040.83
  2. Vchama (Canada) $43,682.87
  3. chicobolinho (Brazil) $30,757.19
  4. LUFCBas (U.K.) $21,656.20
  5. Kelvin_FP:AR (Brazil) $15,248.18
  6. oshiMoshi84 (Netherlands) $10,736.30
  7. teruliro (Ireland) $8,549.30

Content Credits: www.pokerstarsblog.com

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