WCOOP 2017: plspaythxbye gets the big payday in Event #42-H ($1,050 NLHE/PLO 6-Max)

Perseverance and flexibility, that’s what was needed to take down Event #42 and plspaythxbye had both in droves.

Players were fairly even in chips multiple times throughout the final table and the lead passed around more times than a newborn baby at a family reunion. plspaythxbye was part of the roller coast and managed to bust out a few players and make it to the final two, but started the heads-up match with a 2-to-1 chip deficit.

plspaythxbye’s deficit grow to 12-to-1 at some points, but our champion persevered and managed to get a few double ups. plspaythxbye then finally took over the lead after nearly an hour of heads-up play.

After that, things ended quickly and plspaythxbye became the newest WCOOP champion, a title that came with a $86,409.60 payday.

Seat 1: undaDISGUISE – 745,886
Seat 2: IAmSoSo – 4,728,306
Seat 3: chorizo72 – 5,495,800
Seat 4: DSmunichlife – 3,723,802
Seat 5: plspaythxbye – 3,257,343
Seat 6: dynoalot – 3,762,462
Seat 7: ImluckNuts – 2,636,401

The first hand brought our first final table elimination. Action folded to undaDISGUISE’s button and the short stack moved all-in. IamSoSo rejammed from the small blind and chorizo72 folded from the big blind.

undaDISGUISE turned over A♣7♥ and IAmSoSo had a dominating A♦T♣. Neither player paired their cards, but IAmSoSo did hit a broadway straight on the K♥6♥K♣Q♥J♣ board.

plspaythxby then dealt the next elimination, but after most of the damage had already been done to DSmunichlife.

DSmunichlife dropped to less than a big blind after doubling up ImLuckNuts.

The board read 2♦4♣8♥5♣J♣ that hand and ImluckNuts moved all-in on the river with Q♣7♣, for a rivered flush. DSmunichlife, who started off the hand cutoff raise, called and showed 6♠3♠ for a turned straight.

DSmunichlife dropped to 46,388 and got a double up a few hands later, but then lost it all the very next hand. IAmSoSo raised enough to put DSmunich all-in and the short stack called, so did plspaythxbye. IAmSoSo and plspaythxbye then bet all the way down to the end of a Q♣6♠5♠5♦8♣ board.

After IAmSoSo called the final bet, plspaythxbye showed K♠5♥ and the other two players mucked. The hand switched the lead to plspaythxbye and made DSmunich our 6th-place finisher.

There were a lot of double ups after that and the lead passed around like a desirable hot potato. IAmSoSo even doubled up two times in conscutive PLO hands. The first was with a straight, the second with a flush.

Everyone seemed to be bust proof, even ImluckNuts, who was floating around with a handful of big blinds. ImluckNuts kept getting lucky and doubled up when needed. But then dynoalot bucked the trend. IAmSoSo raised to 250,800 from under the gun and dynoalot went all in for 4.1 million from the small blind.

IAmSoSo called with 8♦8♥ while dynoalot showed A♦K♣ for a flip. The board ran 2♥6♠T♠9♥4♣ and eights stayed in the lead. dynoalot was out in 5th and then another bustout quickly followed.

plspaythxbye moved all-in for 5.4 million from the small blind and ImluckNuts called all-in for 1.2 million from the big blind. ImluckNuts turned over A♦5♠ and plspaythxbye showed 6♥6♣. The board ran T♥J♣5♣9♣9♥ and the pocket pair took it down again.

The final three players then tried to cut a deal, but IAmSoSo wanted more and neither chorizo72 nor plspaythxbye were budging. IAmSoSo was second in chips and already had two COOP titles –a decent bargaining chip– but was the next to go.

IAmSoSo took a few hits and then got the final one after chorizo72 raised to 350,000 from the button. IAmSoSo three-bet to 1.1 million and chorizo72 made it 3.4 million to go. IAmSoSo called and was left with just a pair of big blinds that went in on the 5♥9♣K♦ flop.

chorizo72 called and showed A♣A♥T♥4♠ to IAmSoSo’s J♠7♠T♣8♣. A 9♦ came on the turn and a 5♦ completed the boarding, giving chorizo72 two-pair and the pot. IAmSoSo became our 3rd-place finisher while the tournament went heads-up.

chorizo72 – 16,451,253
plspaythxbye – 7,898,747

It was a hard-won victory for plspaythxbye. Our champion’s stack dropped to just 2 million at one point, but plspaythxbye persevered and battled back for nearly an hour before finally scoring a big double up to take the lead.

chorizo72 raised to 600,000 that hand and plspaythxbye called. The flop came 7♦9♥2♥ and plspaythxbye check-raised to 3 million. chorizo72 more than tripled the bet and plspaythxbye called all-in for 8.8 million.

chorizo72 turned over Q♥J♥9♠3♦ and plspaythxbye showed J♦7♥5♥8♠. chorizo72 was a favorite to take it down with top pair and a flush draw, but a 6♠ came on the turn to give plspaythxbye a straight. An A♣ came on the river and plspaythxbye doubled to 18.8 million while chorizo72 dropped to just 5.5 million.

chorizo72 then took a few more hits and raised to 600,000 on the final hand. plspaythxbye called and the rest of the chips went in on the 5♦T♥7♣ flop. plspaythxbye showed K♣Q♥6♠5♠ while chorizo72 tabled K♥J♦8♦6♦.

5♥ came on the turn to give plspaythxbye three 5s and a 7♠ on the river ended the tournament. chorizo72 became the runner-up finisher while plspaythxbye took the title.

WCOOP-42-H: $1,050 NLHE/PLO [6-Max]
Entries: 487
Prize pool: $487,000
Place paid: 65

  1. plspaythxbye (Ukraine) $86,409.60
  2. chorizo72 (Denmark) $64,718.92
  3. IAmSoSo (Sweden) $44,083.58
  4. ImluckNuts (Russia) $31,487.27
  5. dynoalot (Canada) $22,490.24
  6. DSmunichlife (Germany) $16,063.98
  7. undaDISGUISE (South Africa) $12,875.79

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