‘WhatIfGod’ Wins European Poker Tour Online Main Event For $1,019,082

The first-ever European Poker Trip Online $5,200 buy-in no-limit hold ’em main event attracted an area of 1,304 complete entrances, surprising the $5 million assurance to create a last reward swimming pool of $6,520,000. In the end, the largest share of that money was granted to Swedish gamer ‘WhatIfGod’, that gained $1,019,082 after lasting longer than the huge area.

The event ran over the course of four days, beginning on November 15, 2020. A last table of 9 gamers was established for Wednesday, Nov. 18, with Finnish player ‘tikidiii’ in the lead and also ‘WhatIfGod’ warm on their heels. Accomplished on-line tournament pro Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet racked up the very first ko of the day, getting pocket aces as well as holding versus K-J matched to send ‘vip25459’ packing in ninth location ($ 78,797).

In spite of winning that hand, Van Fleet was the next gamer to strike the online rail. All of the chips entered preflop with Van Fleet holding ASpade SuitKDiamond Wear against the JSpade SuitJDiamond Fit of Viacheslav ‘VbV1990’ Buldygin. The pocket pair stood up and Van Fleet was gotten rid of as the eighth-place finisher ($ 97,344).

Andreas ‘daskalos20’ Christoforou was the next to drop. The Cypriot got his last contribute with the best possible hand, pocket aces, but was not able to stand up versus the A-K fit of David ‘MissOracle’ Yan, who turned the nut flush to leave Christoforou attracting dead. He took home $136,147 for his seventh-place proving. Enio ‘Bozzano JNR’ Bozzano’s tournament also finished with a beast holding being outdrawn by Yan. The Brazilian was all-in with pocket kings up against Yan’s pocket queens. Yan tumbled a set and held from there to knock Bozzano out in sixth place ($ 190,419).

‘ WhatIfGod’ scored their initial removal of the day with pocket eights beating out the A-J offsuit of Viacheslav ‘VbV1990’ Buldygin, a Russian pro that finished as runner-up in the EUR100,000 incredibly high roller at the PokerStars Champion Monte Carlo in 2017. Neither player enhanced by the river and also Buldygin settled for $266,323.

‘ tikidiii’ began the final table in the chip lead, however the Finnish gamer had actually fallen to the bottom of the leaderboard by the time the field had been narrowed to four. Their last chips went in from the little blind with JSpade Suit10Heart Suit. World Collection of Poker bracelet champion Timothy ‘TimOthee’ Adams called with 8Diamond Suit8Club Match from the large blind. The board went out QClub Suit8Heart Suit4Club Suit10Club Suit9Club Suit and Adams ended up with a flush to win the pot and also remove ‘tikidiii’ in fourth location ($ 372,485).

It was a fight of the blinds that led to the next removal, too. David ‘MissOracle’ Yan hopped from the little blind with pocket tens. Adams shoved from the large blind with A-4 offsuit and Yan called. His 10s remained in the lead via the turn, yet an ace on the river sent Yan home in 3rd place ($ 520,966).

Keeping that Adams took 174,969,382 in chips into heads-up have fun with ‘WhatIfGod’, who sat with 151,030,618. ‘WhatIfGod’ was able to overtake the lead early in the battle, as well as simply minutes later on transform that introduce a triumph. In the final hand Adams increased to 4,400,000 from the switch with ASpade Suit9Diamond Suit and also ‘WhatIfGod’ three-bet to 16,000,000 with ADiamond Suit10Club Match. Adams called as well as the flop came down AHeart Suit6Spade Suit4Heart Fit. ‘WhatIfGod’ bet 8,000,000 and Adams called. The 8Spade Match turn prompted ‘WhatIfGod’ to examine. Adams wagered 15,940,000 and ‘WhatIfGod’ called. The AClub Match on the river gave both players journey aces, with ‘WhatIfGod’ having the exceptional kicker. ‘WhatIfGod’ checked as well as Adams moved all-in. ‘WhatIfGod’ contacted us to protect the pot and the title. Adams made $728,633 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

2Timothy ‘Tim0thee’ Adams$728,633
3David ‘MissOracle’ Yan$520,966
5Viacheslav ‘VbV1990’ Buldygin$266,323
6Enio ‘Bozzano JNR’ Bozzano$190,419
7Andreas ‘daskalos20’ Christoforou$136,147
8Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet$97,344

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