World Poker Tour Champion, Former Roommate Settle Dispute Over Missing Cash Before Trial

A high-stakes poker pro and his former roommate have agreed to settle a lawsuit that was filed in federal court back in March 2017.

Yevgeniy Timoshenko, a World Poker Tour champion, and former friend Frank Gu on Tuesday informed the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that their trial slated for Sept. 25 is no longer necessary. The two men went to arbitration late last month.

Timoshenko sued Gu for about $90,000, according to the March 2017 complaint. That figure included about $16,000 in an unpaid rent claim and more than $50,000 Timoshenko said he loaned Gu to invest in penny stocks. Timoshenko also wanted reimbursement of $1,160 that he had spent on court side basketball tickets on behalf of Gu.

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Additionally, Timoshenko was seeking $10,000 that he claimed went missing from his nightstand when he was abroad for a poker tournament. He accused Gu of “mishandling” his cash after Gu “allowed a stranger to stay in Timoshenko’s room.”

Gu denied Timoshenko’s allegations in a answer to the complaint filed in September 2017.

Timoshenko, winner of $7.3 million lifetime in poker tournaments, made a run in this past summer’s World Series of Poker main event. He finished inside the top-1,000.

Gu and Timoshenko met while on the poker circuit, according to a court filing.


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