2017 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11: Recap of Flights 1A and 1B

he first day of the summer running of the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic is now in the books! The tournament has an estimated prize pool of $150,000 and it seems likely that number will be easily surpassed, with over $51,000 added to the prize pool after the first day of action alone. The most recent running of this tournament in April of 2017 drew a field of 920 total entries to build a $238,100 prize pool.

The $250 buy-in CPPT tournament has six day 1 starting flights in total, beginning at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. each day from July 20-22. (Thursday through Saturday), with day 2 kicking on Sunday, July 23 at 1:00 PM. Ocean’s 11 is also offering a Quantum Reload day 2 buy-in option for those who do not want to fight their way through day 1 qualifiers in this massive CPPT event. Players can enter on day 2 for $1,500 and receive an average chip stack of 120,000 with blinds starting at 1,000 – 2,000 that day.

Thursday, July 20 saw the first two starting flights out of six get underway in this CPPTevent. Flight 1A drew 132 total entries while flight 1B attracted 124.

With 256 total entries so far the prize pool has already grown to $51,200 with four starting flights yet to go. Only 37 players survived from the two starting flights that ran today, with John Meekhall in the lead with 385,000.

Here is a look at the chip counts of those who have made their way to day 2:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 John Meekhall 385,000
2 Shaun Davis 248,500
3 Steven Wendroff 247,500
4 Benjamin Jensen 226,400
5 Ryan Smith 185,000
6 Ken Herold 177,000
7 Josh Mountain 153,300
8 Severino Cabrera 144,000
9 Christopher Black 132,000
10 Chris Ashtari 116,500
11 Greg Baron 112,500
12 Daniel Polerecky 110,500
13 Kevin Meyers 103,000
14 Tony Gonzalez 99,100
15 William Berman 98,000
16 Willie Gardner 91,500
17 Indo Nguyen 91,000
18 Vladimir Medvisnky 89,300
19 Stephen Winters 84,000
20 Charlie Quirmbach 81,500

Source: http://www.cardplayer.com/

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