Daily 3-Bet: WCOOP Low, Houston Hold’em, durrrr’ed in 2017

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take at a new Low tier for WCOOP, poker clubs expanding in Houston and durrrr putting on a show on Poker After Dark.

1) WCOOP Goes Low

For years the World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars has been the online series of choice for serious grinders.

The only problem was that left small-stakes grinders out of the mix as the buy-ins were simply too high.

That’s going to change this year as PokerStars is adding a lower buy-in selection of tournaments for small-stakes players.

There’s nothing small-stakes about WCOOP Low guarantee however as PokerStars will dole out at least $11 million over the series.

The new WCOOP Low will feature buy-ins approximately 1/20th the size of the regular WCOOP.

In general low events will run 24 hours after high events, which also gives everyone a second chance to play their favorite events.

The 2017 WCOOP is set to run Sept. 3-26 with qualifiers already running on PokerStars.

2) Texas Poker Clubs Expand to Houston

It’s always been a black eye for the poker world that Texas (as in Texas Hold’em) has never offered legal poker.

That slowly seems to be changing, however.

While casinos or online poker still seem a long ways off, there has been surge of poker clubs in Austin, North Dallas and now Houston.

Poker clubs are particularly interesting because they skirt laws in an unusual way: They charge no rake.

Instead the poker clubs charge a monthly fee and players get the benefit of a rake-free environment without the danger of inherent danger of playing in unsanctioned underground games.

The clubs basically operate in a legal gray area but they’ve been doing very well and Sacramento Bee just posted a feature on the rise of poker clubs in Houston including Mint Poker, Texas Card House and Poker Rooms of Texas.

Poker clubs aren’t an entirely new platform and Portland, Ore., has offered something similar for years but it’s fantastic to see people in the state that gave us legendary Doyle Brunson and Sailor Roberts actually have a place to play cards.

3) You Got Durrrr’ed 2017 Edition

Tom “durrrr” Dwan returned to the United States to play in the much hyped Poker After Dark revival that aired last night on PokerGO.

The iconic cash game pro did not disappoint.

In fact it didn’t take long for Dwan to ship a monster pot worth nearly $700k from no less than Antonio Esfandiari.

It’s not a typical Dwan hand but it’s pretty fun to watch. There’s also more to come as the cash game will continue on PokerGO for the next two days.

Welcome back Poker After Dark, we missed you:

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