Man Says Casino Booted Him For Pooping His Pants During Poker Room Promotion

A Kentucky man says Cincinnati’s casino kicked him out during a $1,000 giveaway in the poker room after falsely accusing him of pooping his pants.

According to a report from, the gambler identified only as “Tyler” claims he went to the bathroom Wednesday during the poker promotion and when he exited security said that he needed to leave over a stain on his pants. Other casino patrons reportedly complained that he smelled.

However, he denies that he had a bathroom mishap and said it was because the casino didn’t want him to win any additional money from the promotion. A representative from JACK Casino told Fox19 that there is video evidence to apparently back up the casino’s decision. The casino released a statement saying its “top priority” is to maintain “a clean and sanitary environment” for customers.

The embarrassed poker player said that he’s looking for ways to make the casino accountable for what he says was a mistake. It’s unclear if a lawsuit will be pursued.

JACK Casino has 31 poker tables and is the largest casino in the region.

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