Official Trailer Released For Aaron Sorkin’s Poker Movie ‘Molly’s Game’

“Molly’s Game” now has a release date and a trailer.

The directorial debut from Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin will hit theaters Nov. 22, 2017, according to the film’s trailer, which was published Tuesday. The film stars Jessica Chastain, who plays former high-stakes poker organizer Molly Bloom, dubbed the “Poker Princess.”

Bloom, a former Olympic-class skier, was making as much as $50,000 a night for setting up the underground games that catered to movie stars and wealthy businessmen.

Bloom was indicted by the federal government for involvement in a gambling ring that had ties to the Russian mob, and that’s where co-star Idris Elba comes in. Elba plays Bloom’s lawyer in the film that also features the likes of Kevin Costner and Michael Cera.

The project moved quickly, as Chastain and Elba signed on only about 15 months ago. Production wrapped up this past spring after filming began late last year.

Celebrities who played in the real life Bloom-run games in L.A. or New York included Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Toby Maguire. None of them will appear in Molly’s Game.

Sorkin also wrote the script, based off of Bloom’s 2014 memoir.

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