Smain Mamouni wins WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Main Event

Over the weekend, Smain Mamouni (pictured) earned the latest WPTDeepStacks title after he took down the WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Main Event for 1 million MAD (approx. $110,000). Mamouni topped a field of 433 entries to earn the crown and became the fourth WPTDeepStacks winner of the inaugural WPTDeepStacks Europe season.

“I didn’t make a lot of mistakes today,” Mamouni said after his victory. “I lost a big pot with pocket kings against pocket aces, but I was not afraid of coming back in the tournament. I have a lot of experience, so when I was very short stacked I wasn’t afraid.”

WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Final Table Results

1st:  Smain Mamouni – 1,000,000 MAD (approx. $110,000)
2nd: Pablo Redrado – 700,000 MAD (approx. $77,000)
3rd: Daniel C – 450,000 MAD (approx. $50,000)
4th: Anas Belatik – 320,000 MAD (approx. $35,000)
5th: Anthony Cruz – 245,000 MAD (approx. $27,000)
6th: Julien Lemonnier – 200,000 MAD (approx. $22,000)
7th: Louis Linard – 163,000 MAD (approx. $18,000)
8th: Damien Lhommeau – 132,000 MAD (approx. $14,500)
9th: Elizabeth Tedder – 108,100 MAD (approx. $12,000)

When the final day of play began, 16 players remained in contention for the WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Main Event title. The official final table was set after Sadry Darwiche went out in 10th place, and Mamouni had the chip lead at this point.

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After three eliminations, Mamouni finally scored his first bust out at the final table when he sent Julien Lemonnier packing in sixth place, but it was Anas Belatik who held the five-handed chip lead to start. From there, as Mamouni said, he got short but was able to fight back and make his way to a heads-up battle with Pablo Redrado.

During heads-up play, Mamouni quickly jumped out to a big lead against his opponent when he flopped a flush and was paid off by Redrado. That left Redrado with 24 big blinds, and Mamouni went on to seal the deal from there.

After the win, Mamouni said that the atmosphere surrounding Casino de Marrakech really added to his deep run.

“When you play in Marrakech, there’s a lot of fun,” Mamouni said. “It’s not like other tournaments where nobody is talking with each other. In Marrakech, it’s something better, something good. I’ve played maybe five or 10 WPT tournaments, and obviously this was a really good one.”

WPTDeepStacks Heads To Johannesburg Next

Next up for WPTDeepStacks outside of North America is a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, for WPTDeepStacks Johannesburg at Emperors Palace Hotel Casino. The full festival kicks off on Friday, October 13, and the WPTDeepStacks Johannesburg Main Event takes place October 20-22. The WPTDeepStacks Johannesburg Main Event has a buy-in of RAND 13,500 (approx. $1,000) and a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000.

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