The Try Guys Take on Maria Ho As YouTube Poker Episode Goes Viral (VIDEO)

The Try Guys put their skills to the test in a four vs. one poker challenge against pro player Maria Ho.

The YouTubers have more than six million subscribers, and their latest challenge has already notched up more than two million views.

That level of interest means the video entered YouTube’s top 50 trending videos over the weekend. What’s more, it’s put poker on the radar of the social media generation.

Ho Shows Poker Requires Skill

The 23-minute video was posted Saturday and sees the four stars learn the basics of poker. In addition to mentoring the group, Ho did her best to uphold poker’s reputation by putting her opponents to the test.

In true The Try Guys style, the challenge was a mixture of instructional content and irreverent humor.

Prior to the match, Ho offered a series of tips on how to play. Along with the standard “play tight” mantra, she gave the guys an insight into the ways professionals think about the game.

One of the main takeaways was the significance of mathematics in poker. Ho acknowledged the element of luck every player has to accept when they play, but she also did her best to show that poker is a game of skill and calculated risks.

To see how Ho got on against the novices, check out the video below.

Celebrities shining a light on poker is nothing new. Earlier this year, Ellen DeGeneres was shown the ropes by WPT host Vince Van Patten. However, The Try Guys have a different reach than many poker playing celebs.

After a twist of fate saw them create a viral video while working for Buzz Feed, the four filmmakers have become social media stars.

Try Guys Promote Poker

The basic premise of the YouTube show is simple: four guys try a different profession or craze. In the past, Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang have tried chess, mixed martial arts, and rugby.

Their latest endeavor has brought poker into the spotlight and, in turn, the social media feeds of millions. With more than two million views in two days, The Try Guys have given the game more exposure than most outlets could hope to achieve in a year.

Moreover, the video is entertaining. By dispelling some myths about poker and showing it can be both challenging and enjoyable, The Try Guys have done a positive service to the game.

The task for operators now is to parlay this exposure into a new stream of poker enthusiasts.

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