With more and more industry commentators citing decentralized poker rooms as the future of online poker, appears to have timed the launch of their blockchain technology based poker room into the marketplace just about perfectly, with their pre-ICO (initial coin offering) sale starting on Thursday November 16th.’s experienced team are looking to bring back the glory days of online poker, facilitating the expansion of the game by allowing players all over the globe to compete in a secure, transparant, and administration free environment . Millions of dollars have already been spent on and it is already fully developed and ready to launch post ICO ensuring immediate return for investors. The software is fully tested and the MVP (minimum viable product) is ready to try – in fact you can already download the software on the platform of your choice at to try for play money.

So why Coinpoker?

Well, in a nutshell will offer secure funds, ensure fair play, allow immediate withdrawals, and provide Crypto-investors ground-floor entry into one of the most exciting developments in online poker for years.

With traditional poker rooms player funds can often be frustrating to transfer and withdraw, with endless bureaucracy, tiresome identification processes, pending withdrawals, and occasionally blocked acounts taking weeks or months to be re-opened or verified. Furthermore, payment processors often swallow-up great chunks of your hard-earned cash in transfer fees. Blockchain technology helps eliminate these problems.

CoinPoker will operate on Ethereum smart contract based crypto-currency protocols and will introduce a new cryptocurrency called a “CHP” (CHiPs). Easily purchased online, this will enable players to bypass banks, e-wallets and other third-party brokers who create distrust in the poker community and cause payment delays. Withdrawals will be instantaneous, with no need for lengthy ID processing.

Furthermore, as CoinPoker’s RNG (random number generator) will be placed on blockchains it will be visible for all to see, meaning that equitable play can be proven, giving players even more reason to trust

A Crypto-Investors Dream

Combining the proven model of the traditional online poker business (from a team who know a little about running a successful online poker business) and the exploding cryptocurrency economy and trading,’s pre-ICO sale gives investors a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of low-entry rates into this exciting new business which is already tested, developed, and ready to go.

The poker business generates profits for the investors in the form of rake (commission) taken at the tables from players as their fee for providing them with a game-field, and the CoinPoker crypto-currency (CHP) will be listed on various exchanges. The currency will have a terrific chance of increasing in value with the demand from poker players who will be attracted to the poker room for all the above reasons, as well as the continued investment and redistribution of 25% of profits back into the player pool through promotions and added value games.

Furthermore, a full 15% of the tokens raised during the ICO will be fed straight back to players in the form of added value tournaments, leaderboard prizes, and freerolls – in fact the opening tournament will have 5% of raised ICO tokens added to the prizepool. To give this a little context, if the ICO sells out this will mean that in real terms the prizepool of’s very first tournament will have well over $1m USD added to the prizepool!

The pre-ICO sale starts on 16th November at 1pm GMT and will run through until  1pm on December 1st. During this time up to 100,000,000 of the total 500,000,000 CHP tokens will be available to purchase at a considerable (30%) discount from the nominal price. The ICO is expected to start between mid-January and early February, and will take place in stages,m with the discount from the nominal price reducing over time. In total, some 375m of the total 500m CHP tokens will be sold during the ICO stages.

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