Platinum Pass Adventure: PokerStars’ finest are sending you to the PSPC

Well, we’ve done it now. I’m not 100% sure we thought this out. My grandad always said, “Never give a chimpanzee your car keys. Never give your father a microphone. Never give your grandma a handgun.”

My family history isn’t important, but the sentiment is, because we’ve given the family jewels to some of the most unpredictable people in our castle. We even gave it a name. Because, why wouldn’t we? Grandad always said, “If you make a mistake, give it a name and everybody will think you’re an artist.”

So, we’re calling this the Platinum Pass Adventure. It’s high art, or something like it.

What is it?

Well, it’s the brainchild of people who trust our PokerStars ambassadors more than I do, I’ll tell you that. In short, we’ve given a whole boatload of Platinum Passes to some of our more famous PokerStars people. People like Fintan, Spraggy, and–oh, come on…are you serious??–Chris Moneymaker. They now get to decide how they are going to give these $30,000 rarities to…oh, who knows who it’s going to be. They’ll end up giving one to Phil Hellmuth. I can smell it coming.

But here we are. This Platinum Pass Adventure is a thing, and it’s my job to tell you about things, so let’s do this.

If you’re new to the world of Platinum Passes, let me clue you in. A Platinum Pass is a little silvery rectangle that guarantees you a trip to the Bahamas in 2019, a stay at the Atlantis resort, and a seat in what is expected to be the biggest $25,000 buy-in poker tournament in history, the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship.

So, yeah. It’s pretty much the coolest thing PokerStars has done in a decade or more. They are straight up giving away 320 of these Platinum Passes. That’s the rough equivalent of seeding this tournament with $8 million. I can’t imagine a pro player with a roll will have any interest in this thing, right? Here’s an index of the people who have won them so far. That should give you some idea of what’s been happening up to this point.

Now, the maniacs who walk around with red spades on their chest have run off with a whole bunch of Platinum Passes and have been given free reign to give them away in any way they see fit. That’s the Adventure part, I suppose.

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There are going to be a lot of these over the next several months. We’ve just gotten a taste of the first three.

Felix Schneiders is doing something called a Bro Battle.

Fintan and Spraggy are…well they are being themselves and giving out a Platinum Pass in the most random way as possible.

Andre Akkari is trying to find a companion to accompany him from the BSOP to PSPC. We’re pretty sure it’s not a romantic thing.

That’s just the first three of these things. Do you have ANY idea how many PokerStars people they have given these things to? Before this is all said and done, this tournament is going to be the richest circus the Caribbean has ever seen.

In any case, we’re not going anywhere. We’re here for the ride. Hell, the way this is going, PokerStars is going to give us one of these things.

And let me tell you this…we’d treat a Pass like we’d treat our car keys in a zoo full of chimpanzees.

Anyhow, go check in on these things. We’ll be posting all of them on this Platinum Pass Adventure page. Who knows? You might end up as one of the 320 people who end up in the Bahamas in January. We’ll trust you to play responsibly and show these so-called ambassadors what it means to represent the big red spade.

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