Pennsylvania Centre Region Municipalities Turn Their Back on Satellite Casinos

Pennsylvania’s Centre Region towns are to decide whether they should pass certain measures to block satellite casino expansion in the region.

It came to Casino News Daily’s knowledge that Harris Township is to use its meeting set for December 11th to consider a resolution on the matter. According to the Township’s website, local supervisors have demonstrated their desire to stop the expansion of the so-called “mini-casinos”, or Category 4 casinos within the Harris Township.

The supervisor of Harris Township, Frank Harden, backed the resolution to suspend mini-casinos in the region. Other opponents of satellite casinos in the Township also spoke for the possible negatives of such casino venues in the state and shared the opinion that such a casino would match the local community’s character.

Pennsylvania municipalities are given time until December 31st to pass the necessary measures and block further gambling expansion there. Once imposed, the measures could be revoked. The beginning of 2018 will see the satellite casinos license auction process begin.

Some Townships in Pennsylvania Do Not Back Casino Expansion

More than a week ago, a number of other municipalities in Pennsylvania, including the Patton Township, have shared that they are willing to see any gambling expansion happening there. Patton Township passed a motion on a similar issue on November 8th, saying that would consider to also block satellite casinos on a public hearing scheduled for December 13th.

November 20th will see two other bodies, Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors and State College Borough Council, discuss the issue at their respective meetings. Both authorities will consider resolutions to prohibit the construction of casinos in their municipalities.

At the end of October, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf laid his signature under the long-desired gambling expansion in the state, which legalized online gambling and also gave the green light to gambling at truck stops and airports. After Governor Wolf signed the bill and turned it into law, Pennsylvania became the fourth US state offering online gambling to local players.

On the other hand, land-based Category 4 casinos, which are also known as satellite casinos or mini-casinos, are allowed to offer between 300 and 750 slot machines and 40 table games. Under the provisions of the new piece of gambling legislation, such casinos must be constructed at least 25 miles away of an already operating casino venue.

Local municipalities, however, have shared their concern related to the additional gambling licenses offered to the 10 of the 12 casinos which already exist in the state of Pennsylvania. Such a license would allow larger casino and gambling brands to establish smaller, satellite locations to expand their presence across the state.

Harrisburg lawmakers revealed their hopes that the gambling expansion would bring approximately $200 million a year. The gambling expansion came as part of the local authorities’ attempt to fill in the hole in the $32 state budget, with additional funding being one of the hottest topics for months.

The new piece of legislation would provide host municipalities with the chance to increase its budget, as satellite casinos are to bring them extra money.

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